Underwater Panoptic +360°

Michel Dusariez & Raphael Demaret

Ever since the beginning of his career in 1960, ophthalmic optician, Michel DUSARIEZ has explored new aspects of photography.

In the eighties he rediscovered Kite Aerial Photography, invention of the Frenchman Arthur BATUT (1888) and shared it with the world.

Having done that, he involved himself in all aspects of photography of more than 360°, which among other things resulted in his stunning 360° stereoscopic camera, an invention for which he received the Boelpaepe Award of the Royal Academy of Belgium in 1995.

During a trip to Japan, Michel DUSARIEZ met Hideaki SATO who did not hide any details of his works to him. Later he met the Dane Lars R. LARSEN who, inspired by Michel's work, had invented a 360° camera as simple as ingenious, the LARSCAN which enables Michel Dusariez to be well equipped for the challenge which he has set himself.

Underwater photography covering more than 360°.

To the best of our knowledge, it has been attempted several times, but hitherto without success, so the new technology presented here seems to be a World's first!

A scuba diving licence became Michel's passport to the underwater world .

A basic prototype for 35 mm film in a macaroni plexiglass box was born and took its first dive in 1995. The system was reliable and worked correctly, but the materials and the film format chosen for this test did not make it possible to reach satisfactory standards.

Recently Michel met the press photographer Raphael DEMARET who is also a scuba diver and underwater photographer.

The project re-surfaces - forgive us the pun - and new developments see the light of day thanks to this new cooperation.

Heavy investments in gear as well as research having been done, the new prototype was built. It works with format 220 film, colour or black and white.The motor driving the camera works on 12 volts, and an integrated circuit takes care of easy programming for the three different speeds.

Its stainless steel body is cylindrical, which permits perfectly smooth rotation.

The first pool tests have been carried out and were up to our expectations - both as to function and as to the quality of the images.

At present, no serial production is envisaged.


Ophtalmic optician
Unlimited Fields Research Panoptic Imaging asbl
Kite Aerial Photography Worldwide Association Foundation
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Press photographer
Underwater photographer

Thanks to all those who along the way generously shared either their experience or their technology. Special mention to Gilbert Hieff, Gildas Le Lostec, P. Van den Bossche and all our friends from the Diving Club Les Argonautes of Brussels, who discretly watched us experimenting without ever disturbing us. We do appreciate their discretion.

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